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dōAROMA Therapy

dōTERRA Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

What is dōAROMA Therapy?

This is a deeply relaxing, yet powerful experience combining pure therapeutic grade aromatherapy essential oils with gentle massage techniques to the feet, back, neck, shoulders and head using healing techniques designed to bring the body, mind and spirit back into a state of pure balance also known as homeostatis.

What happens during a dōAROMA treatment and what are the benefits?

Your dōAROMA experience begins with a hot foot cleanse followed by a full body reset via the feet. This is a grounding, balancing blend of oils applied to your feet using specific pressure points on all 5 Zones of the feet. This is a deeply relaxing, re-balancing part of your treatment healing on many levels of the mind, body and spirit. 

This is followed by a gentle application of therapeutic grade essential oils to the back, neck, shoulders and head balancing and clearing the body's energy centres. Your aromatic healing experience continues as you lay on the heated couch combining the delightful dōTERRA aromas and intuitive healing techniques to clear any blockages that may surface during your treatment.

Your treatment gently closes with time to luxuriate in the beautiful fragrances and a sensation of deep relaxation. 

You will receive a Free Gift of pure essential oil prepared for you to take home at the end of your treatment.

dōAROMA                                                                     60 Minutes £55


This is one of the most relaxing treatments I've experienced. the fragrances of the oils is outstanding and the expertise of blending treatments flows beautifully. I left feeling deeply relaxed and just beautiful.

Thank you so much.



I am already lucky enough to have benefited from some of Ivana’s treatments and have now had the blissful indulgence of a doAROMA session. As always Ivana made me feel that my needs, and hoped for outcomes, were important and asked how I wanted to feel by the end of the treatment. Not knowing quite what to expect I said “lovely and relaxed”. A rather nebulous wish but I achieved that and so much more. From the opening reflexology, through the relaxing, beautiful massage, on to the reiki and slow, deep breathing in of the aromas (different aromas for the different areas of reiki) the whole experience was a delight. I left feeling so relaxed, and invigorated, at the same time and the benefits of it all continued way beyond the actual session. It gave me the opportunity to just ‘be’ and reset my body’s balance.

Thank you Ivana for your caring expertise.



What a blessing. This treatment was a lovely experience. I felt balanced and very, very relaxed I loved the products because they really are very pure pure and I continued to feel the benefits for a long time after. I've booked in again for doAROMA. I've ordered 2 of the doTERRA blends from Ivana.

Mary T.


After receiving doAROMA Reiki I felt very peaceful, comforted and grounded. I relaxed very quickly with this treatment and at the end I felt energised and clear headed This was a beautiful treatment and though I’ve received traditional massage before this was quite different in a wonderful way. Very, very soothing, light pressure, yet relaxing but in a powerful yet subtle way. I had the best night sleep that evening

Thank you



Ivana made me feel relaxed from the moment I entered The Healing Room. I wasn't sure what to expect from this treatment but, what I received was something unbelievable. I've never felt so relaxed so quickly before. The oils smelt lovely, very relaxing and stayed with me all evening. I slept really well and the effects of the treatment stayed with me for many days after.



This treatment is great for me both a reflexology and massage fan. A beautiful blend of pure aromas. I floated home. I'll definitely be having Aromas again. Thank you Ivana for another professionally delivered treatment.



Gorgeous fragrances ! I can tell these oils are very pure and efffective. I arrived with a shoulder pain and left feeling pain free and heavenly. Thanks Ivana for a lovely treatment.