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Crystal Therapy

Beautiful Crystals are powerful healers for your Mind, Body, Spirit and your Environment

What is Crystal Therapy and how can it help in our healing?

Crystal Therapy is a relaxing, clearing and healing treatment. When a crystal is placed on a Chakra or within the Energy field, its vibration helps to bring our energy back into balance. Using various crystals placed on or around your body will induce deep pleasant relaxation, release stress and pain, promoting energy and balance both in your physical, emotional/mental and spiritual bodies. The crystals are a catalyst to activate the body’s own healing process.

What happens during a treatment?

This treatment is done fully clothed, you simply lie on a comfortable therapy couch, covered with a light blanket. Crystals may be used singly or in patterns. They are placed on sites of pain, on meridians, acupuncture points or on subtle energy vortexes called chakras and in the Aura. Each treatment is tailored to the individuals needs. Sometimes crystal and energy balancing are successful in one treatment or it may be a gradual process, therefore a course of treatments will give longer lasting results.

In between treatments you may choose to wear a Crystal to enhance your healing in the long term. Crystals such as yellow citrine may uplift you, rose quartz may help to ease heartache or encourage self-love and amethyst may calm a busy mind and help you to sleep. 

How does Crystal Therapy work?

A crystal healing session encompasses a range of techniques, designed to bring the physical body and subtle anatomy back into balance and alignment. This helps to dispel physical and/or emotional imbalances and bring about a sense of harmony and well-being

Our subtle energy field contains seven major chakras these are spinning wheels of energy

These chakras form a team, each one corresponding to a gland, organ, structure or bodily function. If one member of the team is out of balance, the corresponding part of the body that the chakra relates to will also be out of balance. Therefore, when a crystal is placed on the imbalanced chakra or within the energy field, its vibration helps to bring our energy back into synchronicity.

Crystals unlike us vibrate at a constant frequency

It is said that there is no such thing as a miracle, just undiscovered laws of physics. Crystals can hold and emit energy vibrations. Crystals affect our electro-magnetic energy fields or subtle bodies which surround and permeate the physical body. These include the etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, which collectively are called the aura.

When a crystal is put in a watch the battery sends a constant charge through the crystal. The crystal absorbs the charge, and then releases it at such a precise rate it is used to make the watch keep perfect time.

What are the benefits of Crystal Therapy? 

  • Crystal heal, strengthens and recharges the body, mind and spirit
  • Improved health and well-being
  • Greater clarity of thought and purpose
  • Deep relaxation reducing stress
  • Recharges your immune system and nervous system.
  • Enhanced intuition
  • A sense of wholeness and balance
  • Release of old stagnant energies that are hindering progression
  • Release of physical and emotional issues
  • Crystals can also be used to heal situations and environments.

Crystal Healing can be helpful if you are experiencing disharmony within yourself or your immediate environment. It can also provide emotional support during times of illness and crisis, and can be received in conjunction with conventional medicine, it is never given as a substitute for it.


This is the first time I've had this type of treatment. The Enhanced Crystal healing was deeply relaxing and healing, I saw a rainbow of colours and felt all my cares float away. The sounds and fragrances were heavenly. After the treatment I felt relaxed, rebalanced and positive. I'll be having Crystal healing again.



I felt clear and energetic after my Crystal treatment, it was beautiful.

J. B.


Classic Crystal Healing                                                       45 Minutes                 £45

Enhanced Crystal Healing                                                  60 Minutes                 £55

Includes Reiki, Aura-Ssoma fragrances and concluding with Chakra Balancing

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