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Detox & LD (Lymphatic Drainage)

Relax           Detox           Energise

It’s always a great time to cleanse from the inside out especially with today's hectic lifestyles and toxin overload. Detox & LD are a gentle yet effective way to enjoy a deeply relaxing, cleansing and energising treatment. This treatment works gently yet powerfully on the Lymphatic system and cleansing organs of the body. This treatment works well in conjunction with a detox, diet or cleansing eating programme.

What is Detox and Lymphatic Drainage ? 

Detox & Lymphatic Drainage is a beautiful, slow, rhythmical treatment resulting in a relaxing, detoxifying therapy all in one. Helping to restore the body's balance by effectively clearing toxins from the body, it can also reduce fluid retention which may occur from a variety of causes. 

With regular treatments Detox & LD can assist in the effective removal of toxins and boost the immune system. Detox & Lymphatic Drainage is equally effective and tolerated well by clients who may find other forms of LD massage too painful. Detox and LD is an alternative option to lymphatic massage. It is equally effective, less painful and is described by clients as very relaxing.

What are the benefits of Detox and LD ?

  • Energises the mind, body and soul,
  • Excellent for lymphatic cleansing and detoxification
  • It stimulates elimination of toxins on all level
  • It stimulates and boosts the immune system
  • Reduces painful symptoms of sinusitis
  • Reduces fluid retention in the body (excellent for dieters)
  • Assists in regulating hormonal imbalances in women
  • Assists with constipation, and sluggish, irregular bowel movements
  • Excellent for lymphatic cleansing, oedema and detoxification
  • Reduces swelling and bruising post-surgery
  • Reduction in the size of limbs affected by lymph oedema
  • Very pleasant and Relaxing, cleansing

How long is a Treatment ?

Detox and LD takes approximately 45- 60 minutes to complete. This includes time after treatment to relax with a detoxifying beverage to enhance and enjoy the benefits of your treatment. 

To enhance any detoxification programme remember to Breathe clean air, drink plenty of pure water, review your lifestyle and the products you use in your home and the products you use on your body. To order your Organic, Ethical, Health and Beauty Products 

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My experience of Luxury Detox & LD was excellent. Such a delightful, cleansing, relaxing treatment. Ivana ensured it flowed effortlessly from one phase to another. Very cleverly orchestrated and the smoothie was delicious. I feel amazing and energised.

Thank you.

Name withheld


Emmett Lymphatic Drainage                         45 Minutes       £50

Classic Emmett points are used during this detox treatment. Releasing toxins and fluid from the face and body.

Luxury Detox & Lymphatic Drainage            60 Minutes       £60

Hot Foot Cleanse, Luxury Detox uses classic and specific Emmett points opening and releasing toxins and fluid from the face and body. This treatment also includes some focused Detoxifying Massage and Reflexology points using luxurious detox oils to enhance the detoxification process. Your treatment gently concludes with time to rest and relax with a freshly made Smoothie or Herbal Tea.

Relax       Detox       Energise