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Rose Quartz Crystal Facial

As a Complementary Therapist I’ve received aesthetic training with Clarins and post graduate training with Face The World. I’ve brought together some of the best products, crystals and techniques especially for your Rose Quartz Crystal Facial experience.

You'll receive a FREE gift of a Rose Quartz Crystal with your first Rose Quartz Crystal Facial

Feel the Loving Energy of Rose Quartz continue after your Facial...

“People who don’t know about any of its medicinal properties can still tell you about one undeniable property,

a beautiful rose can invoke romantic feelings in even the hardest of hearts.

In this outstanding anti-aging Rose themed ‘Signature’ Facial you’ll be guided into a deeply relaxing space, enveloped in Rose light and nurtured with Handmade Rose Quartz Crystals from Madagascar and Japan whilst the fragrances of Roses and Wild Rose scented products work synergistically to bring you a truly unique facial experience.   

Allow me to pamper and heal you throughout your beautiful, nurturing, deeply cleansing Rose Quartz Crystal facial journey. These beautiful Rose scented products and pure unconditional loving energy of handcrafted healing Rose Quartz Hearts, Wands and Gua Sha Crystals rejuvenate, calm and heal your facial structures whilst nurturing your soul. Enjoy deep nurturing relaxation as your Rose Quartz Crystal Facial flows into a relaxing, de-stressing head massage with even deeper levels of healing.   

To conclude your treatment you will be guided gently back to present day, you will be offered a choice of Rose Quartz Crystal infused water containing the benefits of this beautiful crystal or HoneyRose Tea and time to relax.

What are the benefits of Your Rose Quartz Facial?

  • Rose Quartz Crystals and Rose premium products are a powerful healing combination with their calming, loving, healing properties bringing a pure radiance to you and your skin
  • Rose, Wild Rose and Rose Absolute products are suitable for all skin types, nourishing and anti-aging
  • This deeply cleansing facial draws out toxins, brightening and toning the skin and facial structures
  • Rose Polish removes dead skin cells and smooths the complexion
  • Rose Facial Oil and Rose Quartz Crystal Wands and Gua Sha tools work synergistically to release tension and rejuvenate
  • Reduces sinus congestion reducing puffiness and stimulates lymphatic drainage.
  • Rose Quartz is believed to increase fertility
  • Rose Quartz smooths and releases tension, purifying the blood and stimulating cell renewal, reducing fine lines and wrinkles on the face, neck and décolleté
  • A Wild Rose Mask deeply nourishes your skin giving it a radiance boost; contains antioxidant, organic rosehip seed oil
  • Rose Quartz Crystal Facial is both a facial and a treatment on your face, neck, decollete, upper arms and upper shoulders.
  • A deeply nurturing, soothing, healing, relaxing, rejuvenating and beautifying experience 

What are the benefits of Rose Quartz Crystal?

Rose Quartz is the supreme crystal of love and self love. Rose Quartz disperses blocked energy, smoothing the complexion. It’s purifying, refreshing and relaxing properties heal, leaving you feeling balanced and energised. Rose Quartz gently opens the heart chakra bringing a passion for life. 


Rose Quartz Facial 

Wow! What a fantastic treatment. my skin looks AMAZING! I absolutely love this facial.



I highly recommend Ivana. She has healing hands and provides a high quality service. I had the Rose Quartz Facial that left me feeling amazing and I can't wait to go back for more. Every detail was so carefully thought through. The lovely products and crystals all contribute to a very therapeutic experience.

Ruth Bowers

As I entered the treatment room I was met by beautiful soft tones of rose, soft pink lighting and heavenly rose fragrances. I knew this treatment was going to be indulgent, but goodness me, I don't think that I have ever felt so relaxed! I literally felt hugged and at ease in deep relaxation from start to finish. Such a wonderful feeling.The stunning flow of beautiful rose products followed by the cool crystals against my skin was a wonderful sensation that worked beautifully. Finishing Off with a beautiful rose crystal infused water was delicious. Even 5 days later my skin is still glowing and feels amazing. This is certainly going to be a regular treat.

Thanks Ivana for such a heavenly experience.



I love this new facial really nice flow and my face felt beautifully contoured with the crystals and gorgeous rose scented products.

I've booked again next month.



This was a gentle and effective facial treatment. My skin was pampered and glowing my shoulders relaxed, I left The Healing Room feeling so relaxed, surrounded by love and felt great about myself after going through a difficult time in my life. This is a regular treatment for me.



I really enjoyed my treatment, thank you so much. I could feel the nurturing energy of the Rose Quartz Crystals and the Rose products were gorgeous, I feel at peace and very nurtured after my treatment.

Name withheld


What a lovely surprise, this treatment was a beautiful facial and a treatment. I loved every minute of my facial, my neck and shoulders felt loose after my treatment too, this was a definite added benefit. Lovely products! I loved the Rose Quartz water I was offered after my treatment and felt nurtured both inside and out. Next time I'll try the Rose Tea, how lovely.

Jennifer S.


This is an exciting new product, exclusive to the healing room. From the moment I entered the Healing Room Ivana welcomed me with a warm smile. The room was bathed in pink light and the smell of roses was lovely. This and the heated couch already created a relaxing mood, even before the treatment started. The treatment, itself, was wonderful. The treatment felt longer than the 75 minutes. A great treatment to spoil yourself with or as a great gift for a friend. I highly recommend this treatment and will have it again. I loved the Rose Tea at the end of my treatment.

Alison Dempsey

What a beautiful treatment! The combined benefits of the rose quartz crystals, the luxurious products, the therapeutic massage and most importantly Ivana's healing presence make this a very special treatment. All the senses are treated. It is a truly pampering experience. I could see and feel the benefits and left The Healing Room with glowing skin and an awakened sense of wellbeing.



As well as the skin and massage benefits I felt so at peace and ‘light’ after my facial. I am still enjoying the benefits and have the crystal under my pillow.

Thank you for such a special treat.



Rose Quartz Crystal Facial 75 Minutes £55