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The Testimonials below are all genuine testimonials some clients have requested that their personal details not be disclosed.

Ivana is a wonderful practitioner with a highly professional approach. She is obviously very well trained and every treatment has been divine; they are perfectly balanced & beautifully applied.

Ivana is a brilliant therapist. I have never met anyone that has taken more care and thought in their treatments and is so flexible to her clients requirements. A truly relaxing and rejuvenating experience and I thoroughly recommended. I have been back 3 times and I shall be going back soon!!

Kate Macbeth


I just wanted to say thank you again for the fantastic FTW facial you gave me. I've had many facials over the years and your treatment was undoubtedly one of the best I have experienced. The addition of reiki alongside was inspired, and really, the results were fabulous. I felt relaxed, rejuvenated and happy - plus several people commented on my 'fresh' complexion! I would highly recommend your services; I found you to be extremely well trained, very professional and extremely good value. Thank you.



 I had a Crystal Therapy session with Ivana today. I didn’t really know what to expect and was excited and curious to take part. Ivana explained really clearly what to expect and how the treatment worked. I felt totally relaxed, even noticed that I dosed off a few times as I was aware that I was snoring ! I felt really lifted and excited and full of energy afterwards although at the same time I couldn’t stop yawning. I got home and was like a whirlwind, I got dinner ready, vacuumed downstairs, called a couple of clients and answered some emails I had been putting off. I would highly recommend this therapy, give it a go. I would certainly come back. Thanks Ivana, I really felt so relaxed during the session and feel on a high !



"I've received several treatments from Ivana and every session has been tailor made for me and my needs. Ivana is a Master of adapting to my needs, be it Reiki, Reflexology, Massage or even positive thinking, she tunes in and blends the treatments naturally to suit me which shows how far she will go for her clients' well being.. "

Mrs M. Kaur


Ivana came to a yoga retreat that I'd organised to give holistic treatments to the participants. We were all absolutely delighted with the results and we came out positively glowing! Great communication before and after the event and Ivana went out of her way to fit everyone in who requested extra time. She has a lovely warm personality and is extremely professional in her approach.

I thoroughly recommend her!

Cath Barnes-Holt

Yoga Teacher

The time and effort and overall care is insurmountable. Very caring and professionally. I feel instantly relaxed around her.

Your Reflexology treatment was brilliant as usual - so relaxing. Your advice is always spot-on and we all need gentle reminders to keep us on track.

Mrs Edwards


Just a line to thank you so much for the reflexology treatment. A totally relaxing, truly magical experience as always. Such a fantastic way of de-stressing from the pressures of modern life. Looking forward to my next treatment.



"May I say how fabulous your reflexology treatments are for me. I first came to you about 4 years ago, we discussed what would be beneficial for me, My immune system was low and I was catching colds all the time. Since having regular reflexology treatments, I haven't had one cold in over 4 years and I fully believe it is down to your reflexology treatment, what and achievement!

I have also received Emmett treatments which I also found beneficial. My shoulders are much more fluid and much easier to move. I also do yoga and this treatment has improved my balance, previously while trying to balance on one leg I was always falling over, Thank you Ivana I would recommend you to anyone, you are a caring, kind and overall a nice person."

M. Rutherford


I'm genuinely amazed by the results I've received with the Emmett techniques. Good after my first treatment, the pain and restriction cleared 99% after my second treatment and its getting better by the day.

Mr Clarkson


"Having never heard of the Emmett Technique and whilst suffering with a stiff neck and pain in my shoulder due to old injuries, I was recommended to try this. Wow! I was blown away by how quickly it worked. After one session of Emmett I could turn my head and lift my arm with no pain or stiffness.This is now 3 days later and my arm and my neck feel amazing. Thank you so much Ivana for listening to me complain about the pain I was in and for all the help and advice you gave me."

M. Rawlings.

After Emmett/detox lymphatic treatment I feel really good, the fluid retention I had went in just 3 sessions.



At 102 years old I really benefit from Emmett Techniques. I enjoy more mobility, less pain and less fluid retention in my legs and feet.



I couldn't lift my arm further than my shoulder and it was so painful. After 1 treatment I had more movement than I'd had in over 18 months. after 2 treatments I regained full mobility in my arm and shoulder. I am really happy with the results and can't thank Ivana enough.(update) One year later I am still free from restriction and pain.



After the treatment there was a noticeable difference and an absence of the aches & pains that I'd been feeling prior to treatment. A great feeling of flexibility in the upper body whilst kayaking...... No foot, knee, elbow or rib ache has returned. I would definitely recommend Emmett Technique to anyone.


Kayak Group Leader


Ivana has a talent for putting people at ease, both with her warm friendly personality and her professional dedication to achieving the best possible outcome for the Client. I was new to Emmett Techniques before visiting Ivana and pleasantly surprised at the fast and thorough assessment, which highlighted issues and imbalances. These were resolved during the 1st and 2nd treatment (a week later). The result was increased mobility and reduced muscle tension. The results were very apparent in my next Yoga class.

Inderpald Singh

I can climb up stairs far easier that I have for many years.

Jean (87 years old)


My backache disappeared in one session and I felt lighter and taller.



I've suffered from hip and leg pain for a long time. After just one treatment I am free from pain and am more mobile


I have total mobility in my shoulder now. I had restriction in it for far too long and no other therapy has worked like the Emmett Technique.

Mrs V. North Berkshire

My quads get very tight from working out in the gym. I had and Emmett Treatment and my quads were released quickly and painlessly. I am so surprised that a treatment can work so quickly.



My knees felt great afterward, very loose and flexible and I could notice a big difference going up the stairs and also bending down. My feet continue to improve and I do not feel the need to wera the prosthetic insole now.



My sinusitis improved within 3 treatments and is now fully clear. I shall continue with regular Refleology treatments to keep me clear, balanced and stress free.

C. S.


I would recommend Ivana for this years Face The World Practitioner of the year award as she is very knowledgeable in what she does and has an exceptional professional approach with her practice, hence why she has already won 'Practitioner of The Month' earlier this year.   

Ivana puts her clients first and is highly professional while still being like a friend to her clients. She goes beyond her role and does research for you as a client to help you further and takes out time to talk and tune in each and every time. She is full of positive energy and highly skilled and never lets you down.

I've never experienced anything like the relaxation I experienced at Ivana's reflexology sessions. Ivana is truly an amazing practitioner.

Ivana has an uncanny knack of knowing just what sort of treatment the person needs. She has a wealth of techniques that make you feel as though you are floating out of the room after a treatment.

Very kind & caring professional. Fantastic facial!

She has an amazing, almost magical, touch which is intuitive, soothing and calming. I leave her feeling and looking years younger and filled with a sense wellbeing, all of which last for days.

Ivana is a fantastic therapist with a wealth of knowledge and experience in a variety of therapies. She has a lovely personality, always smiling and ready to help with any health issues.

Ivana puts 100% into her practise. In her treatment room you feel relaxed,welcome and know you are going to have a very refreshing treatment in a quiet, calming environment.                

Ivana is a totally dedicated practitioner and is very professional in all that she does. I have enjoyed many a treatment with Ivana, and they are exceptional, she thinks of everything...mostly the comfort of the client, the atmosphere, every little detail is covered, and her therapies leave you like you are walking on air! Love her treatments, they make you feel so very special.

Ivana does amazing work I feel a different person when I leave the healing room she provides a fantastic service and treatment  

Ivana is very caring and kind, she makes you feel very welcome, relaxed and you come away feeling anew!

Ivana has commitment and passion to her work and make her clients feel better about themselves. She’s amazing!

Ivana has a warm, natural, smiley presence - it is lovely to be around and experience. Great service, from a great practitioner.

I went to see Ivana due to stress at work and she helped me greatly. A real professional.

Ivana gives the best massages! She's my angel. A wonderful day of relaxation.

Ivana helped me with a locked neck last year, she was super. Ivana has transformed and helped to heal me.

Ivana creates a wonderful relaxing environment in her treatment room; and cares for her clients long after they have left her premises

Ivana really cares for her clients. I am always refreshed, renewed, and energised after a visit to the Healing Room. I am delighted that she has added Face the World Facial to her list of treatments.

This was the first time I've tried Detox and lymphatic drainage and the benefits I received are really cool. I suffer from water retention and after my first treatment it was greatly reduced. My feet slipped eakily into my shoes and my stomach felt flatter and less bloated. The same result after my second treatment. Ivana also gave me some good sound follow up advice.



I really enjoyed my treatment last night it made me so relaxed, I had the best nights sleep for a long time. I'm going to enjoy experimenting with the detox smoothie recipes I was given as part of the special offer.

Jackie Ray


I enjoyed my treatment and have benefited from it greatly. I feel clean, energetic and rebalanced. I've booked regular Emmett Detox treatments in my diary.

T Connolly


My stomach was a lot flatter after my 3 sessions, I was more regular and feel vibrant. My nagging back ache also disappeared during the treatment that was a welcome bonus.



I had a great holiday, enjoyed everything I ate. Since the course of treatments my sinuses have cleared, I feel cleansed and energised. Excellent value and a very relaxing well orchestrated treatment. Love it.

J. Kentish


I like to detox from time to time. This treatment helps to clear my skin of blemishes and by body to clear out toxins on a deep level. I feel really good after and the benefits last. I feel so relaxed during the Detox LD. After I felt cler headed and had lots of energy.

I feel clean and clear headed, less bloated. It helped to put me back on track after a rather indulgent holiday. Much more energy. Good treatment, highly recommended.

H. Kennedy

Ivana is a great therapist who goes the extra mile to give you advice and support. Simply the best naturally

Ivana delivers the Face The World treatments with such care and sensitivity. Her enthusiasm about the products is infectious.

Ivana has her own unique way of making you relax and enjoy your facials,you always come away feeling wonderful,the products are lovely I use them daily. Good luck Ivana


Welcoming, warm, and wonderful practitioner, amazing treatments by amazing person.  

Ivana is a very special person ... she's immensely kind and caring, sensitive and empathic ... her treatments are blissful and she gives of herself at all times, genuinely and truthfully, she is such a generous soul.

Best reflexologist ever!

Fantastic service,Ivana has got me out of trouble on many occasions, she at times has worked miracles she is always so helpful and kind.

The most caring kind person I know. You know some people listen but don’t really hear..... but Ivana really listens and hears... a beautiful quality.

Always a very professional, caring and understanding session.

Ivana is such a lovely calming soul which comes through when you have one of her treatments. You come away feeling cleansed..healed... energized but also relaxed and not wanting the treatment to end.

Ivana is very qualified adding new skills all the time. She's very caring and effective.

Ivana has incorporated a variety of knowledge she has to treat you as an individual. She is thorough and I always improve immensely after each treatment. I had shoulder issues which Ivana resolved. She ensures that all her treatments are individually tailored. One in a million.

Ivana goes that step further with her treatments. She tailors things to your needs and makes sure she follows up with you, even if you aren't booked in again. She genuinely cares.

Ivana is a very caring and lovely person.When ever you are at an appointment you feel at ease knowing that time is yours , you never feel rushed, and she always gives very good advice, iIhave always recommended her to others and had good feed back.

Ivana has helped me so much over the last year. She has helped me with my core strength and back alignment using the Emmet Technique. Most importantly I lost my job earlier in the year and Ivana helped with Reiki to rebalance me. She kindly offered to help out of hours too and gave bathing salt crystals as a gift to help me.  

Outstanding service.

Ivana is a very caring, understanding and helpful person. She helps wholehearted. Her energy is very refreshing for the spirit.

She goes above and beyond the call of duty with her treatments, Very caring and supportive in everything she does.

Ivana is a wonderful practitioner with a highly professional approach. She is obviously very well trained and every treatment has been divine; they are perfectly balanced & beautifully applied.

Ivana puts much energy and enthusiasm in her work. She is an excellent ambassador for Face the World, promoting its benefits whenever she can (and succeeding, judging by the amount of clients that she gets and the referrals that come from those). She is always professional and yet warm and relaxing when with her clients. A well deserved case for therapist of the year.

Ivana has embraced this with enthusiasm and professionalism. She has absorbed this therapy into her holistic approach for wellness and healing. She is simply the best her treatments are wonderful and I feel amazing afterwards!

Ivana has passion for her work and her clients. Her hands are wonderful and when she works her magic you truly feel you can Face the World.

Ivana is calm and reassuring. She explained everything she was doing. She makes you feel relaxed special and important. She has a lovely touch. I am sure I was so relaxed I nodded off during the treatment

A truly unique practitioner who delivers the FTW treatment that leaves me wanting to go back time and time again. Ivana’s holistic approach and genuine client care coupled with a fantastic treatment.

Passionate caring and takes her time to ensure you feel relaxed and benefit from the treatment she is giving you, a warm friendly and professional service.

The Ultimate Massage treatment was truly a delight I left THR feeling nurtured and absolutely amazing. (Post treatment) I've started to use Neal's Yard Organic products and my skin looks and feels great. I've noticed how synthetic my old products smell and feel. I'll definitely be buying more products for both me and my growing family.



From the moment I arrive at The Healing Room I feel a sense of calm, even before the treatment begins. I always look forward to my next treatment whether for Reflexology, Massage or Reiki I find that the benefits of each treatment are accumulative and long lasting.


Square Rock 

I chose to have Massage followed by Emmett technique. It was amazing 5 weeks on and I am still feeling flexible and free from pain and discomfort.

S. Mayford


I had severe back, neck and shoulder problems. After only 2 treatments I am free from pain and am now able to resume a normal life. Remedial massage with Reiki, powerful ...

W. D.


Ivana helped me to choose a treatment to target may shoulder tension and sinus congestion. My back, neck and shoulder massage with a Luminescence face treatment was heavenly and my skin looked and felt amazing.CherylStaines

Many thanks for the great blended treatment you gave me. (Massage & Reiki) It was wonderful and I have felt much easier in my body and mind since.

S. G.



The treatments were excellent with the additional Reiki doing me a power of good. I'm feeling much more positive about everything now.

Thank you.

Peter Wilson

Thanks for the treatment. After the flight over from America I was miserable and in pain. You worked magic on my neck and back. I just wished you were here after my flight home. Thanks again.

Bill Booth

Visitor from USA

I didn't realise deep tissue massage could be so effective and yet relaxing. I have already booked my next treatment.

N. Turner


I thoroughly enjoyed my Forearm and Deep Tissue Massage. I asked for slightly lighter pressure because I thought it was going to be painful but, it was really relaxing and pleasantly deep. I feel great.



I really feel like we did shift some big things last night. Thank you for being a beautiful healing light in my life.



I received healing for calm and clarity in a stressful, chaotic world. I'm feeling whole, complete and am having a course of Reiki.



I felt secure that my operation would go smoothly with comforting Reiki energy being sent to me. My wounds healed quickly.


Whenever you send me Reiki it really, really helps! You sent it to me when things were difficult. I was depressed and miserable about losing my Grandad and everything in my life seemed wrong. I honestly feel Reiki helped me though it



Great treatment...Great Therapist.. Next reflexology.



I smoked for 31 years. I stopped smoking within 5 Reiki sessions. I simply don't need cigarettes anymore. I look better and feel great and I've got more money to spend on lovely treatments and The Healing Room.



I would totally recommend Ivana's treatments, which are carried out in a beautiful and relaxing environment. I have recently enjoyed her FTW facial treatment which was heavenly and so refreshing. I came away with a sample to use at night time, and woke up the next morning looking relaxed and refreshed. I have received a few compliments too! all good stuff. Thanks Ivana.

Joanna Knight


Thank you so much for a beautiful treatment. I appreciate your time and expertise. My skin feels very soft and I feel realaxed and uplifted.

Tracy McCarthy

Reading This facial was the best one I've experienced. The music, the products, the ambience and Ivana's hands flowed around my face almost ethereal. Highly recommended. I hope I win the competition

M Cornish


Simply the best, thank you for a wondefrul unique facial treatment.

Mrs H.


I loved the mini treatment during the facial. A really lovely treatment.



Client who won FTW Competition run by The Healing Room.

I know how you feel winning Practitioner of the month. I won first prize in your Healing Room FTW competition and won a free FTW facial treatment. You are very good in everything you do. I never feel like I'm just someone coming for a treatment, you always take time to ask questions, how I feel, anything I want working on and you explain your products very well. I would always recommend you. Keep up the good work.



I won 2nd prize in the FTW Competition. The serum is gorgeous, so silky and smooth. I've noticed a difference my skin looks and feels amazing.




Metamorphosis is the magic that Butterflies can teach us.

Change ensures growth so, we have to shed the old before we can invite the new. As humans we give birth to new ideas, activities, and qualities. Sometimes, we need help to relax and go deeply within. After laying a foundation you can emerge and come forth strong with a new vision and in a new light.